Member Configuration TutorialsΒΆ

The following tutorials provide information in configuring replica set members to support specific operations, such as to provide dedicated backups, to support reporting, or to act as a cold standby.

Adjust Priority for Replica Set Member
Change the precedence given to a replica set members in an election for primary.
Prevent Secondary from Becoming Primary
Make a secondary member ineligible for election as primary.
Configure a Hidden Replica Set Member
Configure a secondary member to be invisible to applications in order to support significantly different usage, such as a dedicated backups.
Configure a Delayed Replica Set Member
Configure a secondary member to keep a delayed copy of the data set in order to provide a rolling backup.
Configure Non-Voting Replica Set Member
Create a secondary member that keeps a copy of the data set but does not vote in an election.
Convert a Secondary to an Arbiter
Convert a secondary to an arbiter.