Replication MethodsΒΆ

Name Description
rs.add() Adds a member to a replica set.
rs.addArb() Adds an arbiter to a replica set.
rs.conf() Returns the replica set configuration document.
rs.freeze() Prevents the current member from seeking election as primary for a period of time.
rs.help() Returns basic help text for replica set functions.
rs.initiate() Initializes a new replica set.
rs.reconfig() Re-configures a replica set by applying a new replica set configuration object.
rs.remove() Remove a member from a replica set.
rs.slaveOk() Sets the slaveOk property for the current connection. Deprecated. Use readPref() and Mongo.setReadPref() to set read preference.
rs.status() Returns a document with information about the state of the replica set.
rs.stepDown() Causes the current primary to become a secondary which forces an election.
rs.syncFrom() Sets the member that this replica set member will sync from, overriding the default sync target selection logic.
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