Backup and RecoveryΒΆ

The following tutorials describe backup and restoration for a mongod instance:

Backup and Restore with Filesystem Snapshots
An outline of procedures for creating MongoDB data set backups using system-level file snapshot tool, such as LVM or native storage appliance tools.
Restore a Replica Set from MongoDB Backups
Describes procedure for restoring a replica set from an archived backup such as a mongodump or MongoDB Cloud Manager Backup file.
Back Up and Restore with MongoDB Tools
Describes a procedure for exporting the contents of a database to either a binary dump or a textual exchange format, and for importing these files into a database.
Backup and Restore Sharded Clusters
Detailed procedures and considerations for backing up sharded clusters and single shards.
Recover Data after an Unexpected Shutdown
Recover data from MongoDB data files that were not properly closed or have an invalid state.

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