Text Search TutorialsΒΆ

Instructions for enabling MongoDB’s text search feature, and for building and configuring text indexes.

Create a text Index
A text index allows searches on text strings in the index’s specified fields.
Specify a Language for Text Index
The specified language determines the list of stop words and the rules for Text Search’s stemmer and tokenizer.
Text Search with Basis Technology Rosette Linguistics Platform
Enable text search support for Arabic, Farsi (specifically Dari and Iranian Persian dialects), Urdu, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. MongoDB Enterprise feature only.
Specify Name for text Index
Override the text index name limit for long index names.
Control Search Results with Weights
Give priority to certain search values by denoting the significance of an indexed field relative to other indexed fields
Limit the Number of Entries Scanned
Create an index to support queries that includes $text expressions and equality conditions.
Text Search in the Aggregation Pipeline
Perform various text search in the aggregation pipeline.

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