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Copies a collection from a remote mongod instance to the current mongod instance. cloneCollection creates a collection in a database with the same name as the remote collection’s database. cloneCollection takes the following form:

{ cloneCollection: "<namespace>",
  from: "<hostname>",
  query: { <query> }

cloneCollection has the following fields:

Field Type Description
cloneCollection string The namespace of the collection to rename. The namespace is a combination of the database name and the name of the collection.
from string The address of the server to clone from.
query document Optional. A query that filters the documents in the source collection that cloneCollection will copy to the current database.


mongos does not support cloneCollection.

Changed in version 3.0: If the given namespace already exists in the destination mongod instance, cloneCollection will return an error.


{ cloneCollection: "users.profiles",
  from: "mongodb.example.net:27017",
  query: { active: true } }

This operation copies the profiles collection from the users database on the server at mongodb.example.net. The operation only copies documents that satisfy the query { active: true }.

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