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db.cloneCollection(from, collection, query)

Copies data directly between MongoDB instances. The db.cloneCollection() method wraps the cloneCollection database command and accepts the following arguments:

Parameter Type Description
from string The address of the server to clone from.
collection string

The collection in the MongoDB instance that you want to copy. db.cloneCollection() will only copy the collection with this name from database of the same name as the current database the remote MongoDB instance.

If you want to copy a collection from a different database name you must use the cloneCollection directly.

query document Optional. A standard query document that limits the documents copied as part of the db.cloneCollection() operation. All query selectors available to the find() are available here.


mongos does not support db.cloneCollection().

Changed in version 3.0: If the given namespace already exists in the destination mongod instance, db.cloneCollection() will return an error.

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