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Oracle Database
  11g Release 2 (11.2)

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing involves large volumes of data used primarily for analysis. This category covers applications such as Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems.


2 Day + Data Warehousing GuideHTMLPDF

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation treats advanced topics related to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. In general, the 2 Day + books refer you to these topics when needed.

Data Warehousing GuideHTMLPDF
Performance Tuning GuideHTMLPDF
VLDB and Partitioning GuideHTMLPDF

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) enables the design and deployment of enterprise data warehouses, data marts, and e-business intelligence applications.

Warehouse Builder ConceptsHTMLPDF
Warehouse Builder Sources and Targets GuideHTMLPDF
Warehouse Builder API and Scripting ReferenceHTMLPDF
Warehouse Builder Installation and Administration GuideHTMLPDF
Warehouse Builder Data Modeling, ETL, and Data Quality GuideHTMLPDF
Warehouse Builder OMB*Plus Command ReferenceHTMLPDF
Warehouse Builder Release NotesHTMLPDF
Data Warehousing GuideHTMLPDF
VLDB and Partitioning GuideHTMLPDF

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) analyzes data from a data warehouse, for business processes such as forecasting, planning, and what-if analysis.

OLAP Customizing Analytic Workspace ManagerHTMLPDF
OLAP Expression Syntax ReferenceHTMLPDF
OLAP Java API Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
OLAP Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF
Using the OLAP APIs (Virtual Book)HTMLPDF

Oracle Advanced Analytics

Oracle Advanced Analytics extends the database into a comprehensive advanced analytics platform, including predictive analytics, data mining and text mining, statistical analysis, and advanced analytics. Advanced Analytics has two components, Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise.

Data Mining ConceptsHTMLPDF
Data Mining Application Developer's GuideHTMLPDF
Data Mining Administrator's GuideHTMLPDF
Data Mining Java API Reference (Javadoc)HTMLPDF
Data Mining API Guide (Virtual Book)HTMLPDF
R Enterprise Release NotesHTMLPDF
R Enterprise Installation and Administration GuideHTMLPDF
R Enterprise User's GuideHTMLPDF

Communications Data Model

Communications Data Model is a normalized data model optimized for Oracle data warehouses.
Communications Data Model Installation GuideHTMLPDF
Communications Data Model Implementation and Operations GuideHTMLPDF
Communications Data Model ReferenceHTMLPDF
Communications Data Model Release NotesHTMLPDF

Airlines Data Model

Oracle Airlines Data Model is a data warehouse and business intelligence solution optimized for the airline industry.

Airlines Data Model Installation GuideHTMLPDF
Airlines Data Model Implementation and Operations GuideHTMLPDF
Airlines Data Model ReferenceHTMLPDF
Airlines Data Model Release NotesHTMLPDF

Retail Data Model

Oracle Retail Data Model is a pre-built retail-specific data warehouse solution set that supports the data warehouse foundation and analytical needs of retailers and is based on the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS).

Retail Data Model Implementation and Operations GuideHTMLPDF
Retail Data Model Installation GuideHTMLPDF
Retail Data Model ReferenceHTMLPDF
Retail Data Model Release NotesHTMLPDF